Would You Like To Learn A Unique Way Of Doing Joint Ventures That Can Add 5 (Or Even 6) Figures Of Additional Revenue Into Your Business Every Year???  

Joint ventures can be a great way to grow an online business, but a lot of entrepreneurs are burned out and frustrated by the "traditional" model of doing JVs! Marc Mawhinney was one of those people, so since 2018 he's been perfecting a new way of doing partnerships that is more profitable (and a better experience for all involved!). For the first time ever he's teaching his "Flat Fee JV" model in an easy-to-consume, paint-by-numbers program which where you'll learn:

  • Why the traditional JV model is broken and how to GUARANTEE that you get paid when promoting your partners
  • The right way to set up your JV packages for maximum profit (and minimum headaches)
  • How to find your ideal JV partners (and how to get them competing for your attention!)
  • The exact steps to take once you secure your partners and how to protect yourself (includes all templates and agreements that Marc uses for his partnerships)
  • The best way to structure your promotional campaign and to create your content for it
  • Methods to drive traffic to your partners' offers and get the best results for the campaign
  • How to get partners coming back for more and becoming "Partners For Life"!
  • And much more (includes everything you need to start profiting from joint ventures TODAY!)

Meet Marc Mawhinney

Marc has been on a mission to help coaches get more clients WITHOUT paid advertising since 2014. He accomplishes this with his podcast "Natural Born Coaches", his Facebook group "The Coaching Jungle", his print newsletter "Secret Coach Club" and a number of products and services for coaches. In 2018 he became disillusioned with the "normal" way of doing joint ventures and decided to do something about it ... and the "Flat Fee JV" was born! Marc has done more than 6-figures in revenue with this unique joint venture model, and to learn how to do it yourself click below!