Do You Have A Product Or Service That Will Help Coaches? If So, Read On ... 

Marc Mawhinney, "The Coach For Coaches", has a large following of coaches that he's built up over years as being a trusted voice in the industry. This includes listeners to his popular podcast "Natural Born Coaches" (with almost 600 episodes released to-date and hundreds of thousands of downloads), his Facebook group "The Coaching Jungle" (with over 15,000 coaches), a large social media following (including over 52,000 Twitter followers), and a targeted email list of coaches that he consistently emails every single day. 

Marc is now accepting a limited number of joint venture partnerships: 

* Joint Venture Webinar: includes a webinar that you present to Marc's community, which will be heavily promoted by Marc to his community for the week leading up to it (daily emails, social media posts, Facebook Lives, etc). Also includes an interview spot on Natural Born Coaches that will air before your webinar.  

$3000 USD (no affiliate commissions to be paid, you keep 100% of revenues from sales during the promotion) 

* Exclusive Natural Born Coaches Podcast Sponsorship: includes pre-roll and post-roll ads on every new weekly episode released, ads on every past episode (almost 600 shows in total!) and an interview on the show to showcase you and your business. 

$4500 USD (12 week package) 

IMPORTANT: a call with Marc is required to ensure your offering is a good fit for his community!